Build Your Dream Home

If you decide to build a home here, Savannah Lakes Village Real Estate Sales Center can help. The team at Savannah Lakes Village Real Estate Sales Center will work with you to help you build the custom home that fits in your price range. This process is more straightforward than it sounds when you work with us. Our specialty is new home construction. The process begins with a tour of Savannah Lakes Village. One of our real estate agents will take you around the community, showing you the different homes, lots, and, of course, the amenities. You’ll get a taste of the lifestyle as you tour the community. Don’t be surprised if you fall in love with the community during this tour. Between the marina, Recreation Center, restaurants, golf courses, state parks, and everything else we have here, it’s almost impossible not to love every moment in the village.


Home Design Process

After your tour, you’ll move onto step two, which is a team consultation. You’ll talk with the agent and a representative from one of our partnered home builders. During this meeting, you’ll go over your budget and your preferences. The key is to find a design that fits into your budget while still allowing you to have all the amenities that you want. Our building partner representative will explain the costs of desired features and help you find the perfect balance between budget and amenities. That’s what’s so pleasant about sitting down with the builder. They can help you get what you want while sticking to your price range. In the end, you’ll truly feel like your home was created specifically for you. Contact us to learn more.