Tennis enthusiast will be able to play on six hard court and clay courts connected to the recreation center. There are mens and womens tennis leagues available for all level of play.

This state-of-the-art tennis complex put Savannah Lakes Village on the map as one of the best tennis communities around, and our players have the team championships and awards to prove it. People of all skill levels love playing on the lighted clay and hard courts, and many participate in tennis groups or league play. People can even work on their skills at one of the tennis clinic or by using the ball machine.

Hiking at Hickory Knob State Park

When you live in Savannah Lakes Village, you will be right next to Hickory Knob State Park. This isn’t your run-of-the-mill state park. It’s also a golf resort and is full of amenities. This state park is the perfect destination for anyone who enjoys spending time outdoors. It is located right on Lake Thurmond and has a large boat ramp. Plus, you can rent kayaks and canoes here. Many people come over here to get on the water, but this state park offers quite a bit more than lake access. Hiking and biking are both popular at Hickory Knob State Park. The state park has three trails that are fun for people of all levels.

1) Beaver Run Trail
The Beaver Run Trail is 2.5 miles and is at a moderate level of difficulty. This gently rolling trail goes along the lakeshore. You’ll move along a single-track dirt path, where you are tasked with navigating streams and ditches. If you’re on a bike, you’re in for a real challenge on this trail. You’ll encounter everything from roots to the occasional sinkhole on this trail, so keep your eyes open. You’ll also want to keep your eyes open for wildlife on the Beaver Run Trail. Birds and snakes both call this trail home, and it’s always fun to see them in their natural habitat.

2) Lakeview Loop Trail
At 7.2 miles, the Lakeview Loop Trail is the longest of the three, and it is the most challenging. This single-track dirt loop trail contains steep slopes, close trees, roots, rocks, and ruts. All of these challenges make for a great workout, whether you are on your feet or your mountain bike. You will see a variety of trees and come across quite a bit of wildlife. Look out for, deer birds and other wildlife during your hiking or biking adventure. Also, take the time to look out at the lake when you reach one of the high points. The trail’s high points offer some of the best views of Lake Thurmond around. This trail also provides water access, so if you need to cool down after your hike, jump in the water for a swim. Then, you’ll be ready to head home.

3) Turkey Ridge Loop Trail
The Turkey Ridge Loop Trail is 1.7 miles and is also a single-track dirt loop trail. Located inside of a pine and hardwood forest, it has enough challenges to keep you on your toes. You will climb relatively steep hills and cross stream fords without the help of footbridges. If you’re on a bike, the sharp curves will also be a challenge. Birds, snakes, and squirrels tend to hang out on this trail, so keep your eyes open. Multitasking on this challenging trail can be tricky, so wait until you are more experienced in hiking or biking. Then, you’ll be able to have some fun on the Turkey Ridge Loop Trail.

Hiking at Elijah Clark State Park

Elijah Clark State Park is just two minutes from Savannah Lakes Village. Just cross Lake Thurmond, and you’ll arrive at this popular Georgia state park. Just like Hickory Knob State Park, Elijah Clark State Park is full of things to do. First, this park is an exciting spot for history buffs. Named after a Georgia war hero who lead pioneers during the American Revolution, and that’s not where the history lesson stops. The park is home to various relics, including a replica of Clark’s log cabin. The park isn’t just about history, though. It’s also full of fun outdoor activities to enjoy.

Elijah Clark State Park has 3.75 miles of trails. If you want to take a casual stroll, embark on the ¾-mile nature trail. You will see plants, trees, and wildlife on this trail. This isn’t a challenging stroll, but it’s still a lot of fun. You can also go on the 3-mile hiking trail. This 3-mile trail goes in a loop. No matter how many times you go around, you will feel like you got your workout in for the day! It’s just challenging enough to make you feel like you exercised, but not so challenging that novice hikers can’t handle it.

Hiking at Baker Creek State Park

Baker Creek State Park is open on a seasonal basis. When you see the Ultimate Outsider stamp on the information kiosk located in the office parking lot, you know the park is open and ready for you. The sign stays up from the first Monday in March until the first Monday in October. This state park is located on Lake Thurmond and contains one outdoor adventure after the next.

If you’re interested in hiking and biking, Baker Creek State Park has just what you need. This state park has over 10 miles of hiking and biking trails, so you can get your exercise in and enjoy nature when you visit.

Wild Mint Nature Trail

If you want to embark on an easy hike, the Wild Mint Nature Trail is perfect for you. This trail is just 0.8 miles, and it’s rated as “easy." Even though it’s occasionally steep, it is still easy to traverse. Just follow the trail signs down to the lake, and then you’ll wind through the woods. You’ll see a variety of wildlife on your hike, including birds and snakes. You’ll also get a beautiful view of the shore. It’s a good idea to bring your camera along for the hike so you can snap a picture or two. Walking Trail The 0.7-mile walking trail is also easy to traverse. The loop trail will take you through a hardwood forest and offers gorgeous views of the lake. You’re likely to spot some wildlife during this trail.

When you live in Savannah Lakes Village, your next outdoor adventure is just right outside your door. Whether you want to stay on-site or travel to one of the adjacent state parks, you never have to miss out on the outdoor fun when you live here. That is what is so amazing about living in Savannah Lakes Village. You are in the heart of nature when you live here.

Biking at Baker Creek State Park

The Mountain Bike Trail consists of 10 miles of connecting loops. It's moderately difficult and is perfect for both biking and hiking. This rolling loop dirt trail will take you through oak and pine trees. It also has a huge poplar tree that might be the largest in South Carolina. You will also see birds, snakes, and other forms of wildlife when you take off on the trail. The trail has difficult parts, but it's only moderately difficult in most places. You will break a sweat if you go all 10 miles, though. Of course, you don't have to do that. You always have the option of going on the outer or inner loop, so decide how much exercise you want.

Outdoor Sporting Pursuits at Savannah Lakes Village

Surrounded by thousands of acres of protected forests, wildlife management areas, and leased lands, Savannah Lakes Village is basecamp to great hunting lands within an easy drive. The community has a club, Savannah Lakes Village Rod and Gun Club, which brings together members who have interests in fishing, hunting and shooting sports. The Club’s affiliated guides can put you on trophy big game, plantation quail hunts, or turkey hunts. If shooting sports are more your game, affiliated area sporting clay courses, and skeet and trap ranges, have all levels of instruction and organized shooting available for our members. There are opportunities to participate in clinics and instruction, as well. Pistol & Archery Range The SLV Rod & Gun Club manages a member-owned and managed pistol and archery range.

The outdoors and sports go together, so it makes sense that there are some fun sporting activities at Hickory Knob State Park. Skeet shooting is easily one of the most popular outdoor activities at the park. You need to make a reservation to go skeet shooting here. Then you can try out your skills on those clay pigeons. That's a great way to get warmed up before going out on a hunt. You can also make a reservation for archery. Archery is quite a challenge, but you'll be amazed by how much fun it is. It's easy to have a blast when you play with bows and arrows.