Biking at SLV

100 + Miles of Bike Trails & Roads

You’ll soon discover that finding a place to ride your bike at Savannah Lakes Village is as easy as it could be. Not only does Savannah Lakes Village have dozens of biking trails in the surrounding forests, but it also contains 90 miles of paved road with low-speed limits (25 mph) ideal for bike riding.

Lake Thurmond

Enjoy State Park Biking Trails

Mountain Biking at Baker Creek State Park


The Mountain Bike Trail consists of 10 miles of connecting loops. It’s moderately difficult and is perfect for both biking and hiking. This rolling loop dirt trail will take you through oak and pine trees. It also has a huge poplar tree that might be the largest in South Carolina. You will also see birds, snakes, and other forms of wildlife when you take off on the trail. The trail has difficult parts, but it’s only moderately difficult in most places. You will break a sweat if you go all 10 miles, though. Of course, you don’t have to do that. You always have the option of going on the outer or inner loop, so decide how much exercise you want.