Jumping in With Both Feet  


Lynn and Ken Binkley look at this past year as a blessing in disguise.  After selling their home in less than eight hours, the two left cold Michigan for sunny Savannah Lakes Village on Lake Thurmond near McCormick, SC.  The two cite the pandemic as the motivator for finally taking the plunge and diving into a new life.

Lynn always wanted to live on the water and is thrilled about having a lake right down the road. “I feel so at peace when I’m on the water,” she says, as an avid paddleboarder and swimmer.  She is also
determined to get Ken in the water with her and plans to do this by buying a pontoon boat in the not-so-distant future.  She is already planning a trial run with a local boat rental club.

Ken and Lynn are also ready to grab their clubs and get out to the community’s two golf courses and have already started scouting the hilly greens for this summer. Lynn is also a big hiker and biker, so she’s been enjoying the Sumter National Forest, as well as the three nearby state parks. And, she’ll
take any excuse for a dip in the pools.

Lynn and Ken also think that there is definitely something to be said for their friends at Savannah Lakes Village. “There is such a thing as Southern hospitality,” Lynn notes.  She adds that it’s such a contrast from Michigan where people are still friendly, but not to the same degree. “They’d give you the shirt off their back,” Lynn says about her new South Carolina neighbors.  This attitude is something she felt like she was always searching for, and she’s finally found it.

Ken was in the Army for 20 years, and it’s very important to him to still be able to find a way to give back and protect those around him, so he joined the volunteer fighters.

The two could not have been happier to make a move and have finally found a home that fits their lifestyle. As Lynn said, “I believe we’re right where we’re supposed to be.”

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