Karl Narveson,


Karl is a Real Estate Agent and resident in Savannah Lakes Village who works with both home buyers and sellers in the community. Prior to moving to SLV with his wife, Vicki, he spent 7 years in restaurant management and 28 years in mid-level management at a minimum-security correctional facility. He has also been a volunteer/paid on-call firefighter since 2005.

He is driven by a desire to help people, and it reflects in his work and pastimes. In addition to being a firefighter, he is still active with the group SAVE – Suicide Awareness Voices of Education. Karl’s family lost their oldest son to suicide at age 17, and he works with them in the hopes that one day, no other family will need to endure this type of loss.

“My two favorite things about Savannah Lakes Village are the friendly people and the northwoods feel of the area. It reminds me of my home state of Minnesota but without the snow and below-zero temperatures. Now, I enjoy working in real estate for the opportunities it gives me to meet new people and help them figure out how to spend their retirement years.”

– Karl Narveson

Email: Karl@liveslv.com

Cell: (612) 421-8865