Maria Humphreys


Maria Humphreys is a real estate agent in Savannah Lakes Village with 14 years of real estate experience prior to working in our beautiful community. She began her real estate career in Tennessee in 2007, where she became the top sales agent in the region for Exit Realty from 2008 to 2009 and a multi-million dollar producer for three years in a row. She built and sold 88 homes in three subdivisions during 2013 and 2014 and achieved the highest sales volume in all four quarters in 2016.

Maria says that real estate is her passion because she has always enjoyed helping other people, whether it be leading them through the process of buying when they never thought they could or selling when they were stuck with a money pit or felt hopeless. Her favorite aspect of real estate is forming lifelong friendships.

Maria loves working here in Savannah Lakes Village, where you will find fantastic infrastructure, unbelievable accommodations, and low association fees for such a great value. The parks, amenities, and community hub are all within hours of every major vacation spot, including Atlanta, where you can hop on a flight to anywhere.

Outside of real estate, Maria is an athlete at heart and naturally competitive. She loves anything outdoors, from paddleboarding to mountain climbing. She also competes with herself on a daily basis by looking at her past clips and seeing how she can improve.

“What fuels me is being able to give my mother the life she never dreamed of! She was a single mother of two girls at a young age… Bless her.” – Maria Humphreys

Email: Maria@liveslv.com

Cell: (864) 523-9369